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Read ’em Before They Get Published!

Hello Readers!

So, here’s what’s up …

I haven’t tried super hard to get my stories published—yet. Before all of that, I’d like to get a bunch of people to read, review and help me make sure the books are awesome enough to get published.

I’m looking for all readers. Not every book is going to be your thing, but I write about lots of stuff—fiction and non-fiction. I’m sure I’ll have something that’s a match for you.

What you’ll Get:

  1. I will make you Fame-ish! Your picture and short review will appear with other beta readers on this website
  2. You’ll get a signed, first edition copy of the book if/when it’s published
  3. Promotional swag
  4. Membership in the Readers are Leaders Facebook page where you can interact with me and other readers.

How it works:

  • Fill out the sign-up form, to the right and hit “Subscribe”
  • Check your email with a couple of additional questions that will help me pick the book I think you’ll enjoy most
  • You’ll find a pre-published PDF version of the current book to read on your tablet, Kindle, computer or phone. Paper versions can also be checked instead if you live in the Metro Detroit area and you don’t mind sharing. Those should start arriving soon.
  • Drop your questions and comments into the Facbook group as you read
  • Write a one-paragraph review and provide a picture for the website
  • Get Fame-ish!

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