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8-Bit Viv Goes Full Blown Sticker

G stick with Sign

There’s only one thing better than getting Genevieve, the Fix published—turning Genevieve’s 8-bit self into an amazing sticker!

I just rolled into to Chicago for an Author’s conference called Write to Publish. I’m 100% sure that whoever named the conference is a dad. I can identify a dad joke from a mile away. Anyhow, if I met you at the conference and followed your sticker here—welcome! I hope we talked about something fun, if not interesting, while we earned our Write to Publish.

So … could this be a sign? Because it sort of was a sign. A real sign. I arrived in Chicago a day early, hoping to spend some time with my sis and her hubby. Because they are grown ups and have jobs, I have some time to kill before we meet up. First I went to a sketchy “cash only” coffee shop where I was over served with the strongest espresso I’ve ever had—and I drink lots of the stuff, every day. So, desperately needing to find some food to soak up a couple of shots of caffeine, I made my way to Lincoln Square. I pulled into the only open parking spot to find this. A coincidence? Probably, but cool nonetheless.