Welcome to Wonder

In late fall 2018, I decided to take a swing at writing a book. Since then, I’ve written two full-length novels.

Not Poor. But Wild.

I intended to write a nonfiction book about my creative process. But the book had intentions of it’s own and it became my first novel — Not Poor. But Wild. It wrote fast, I finished the first draft in three months. It took me to some dark places that needed a visit. In the end it’s very personal book about the joy of being wild, what happens when you move to lavish captivity and all the wild — your very best thing — dies. It was a very emotional book to write, there’s a lot of me in it. And, it’s full of the beautiful things that are too costly for the rich to buy, but are free to the not poor, but wild. I hope you enjoy the text excerpts the video readings as well.

The Heroin(e)

Currently I’m wrapping up the first draft of my second book. Once again, I returned to the idea of writing my inspiring work of nonfiction. This book had a different idea as well. It became my first YA sci-fi cyber thriller called The Heroine. I love this book and will be sad when I write the final line that I knew from the beginning. Good thing, the last line is also the first like of the sequel. I’ll start revising it in March, and share some rough pieces of manuscripts and video reads as I go. I am so in love with this book!

So, thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoy the pieces you share on the journey to finding a Literary Agent and a Publisher. I can’t wait to hear what you think.

Affectionately, Mack Lines

Author Mack Line reading part one of the Legend of Curb Ball (poorly) Enjoy!