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In late fall 2018, I decided to take a swing at writing a book. Since then, I’ve written two full-length novels.

Jimmy Shimanski and the Legend of Curb Ball

My first book, Not Poor. But Wild. had a big problem — it was really two books, with each half appealing to a different audience. So, this summer I took the first half of NPBW, split it off and began writing a full-length novel out of it. I’m so glad I did. As my first rip at writing, I did what a lot of writers do on their first book — I chickened out and skipped over the top of the story, like a rock across a pond. Well, I fixed that. The new version digs much deeper — literally. Anyhow, I’m going to pull all of the readings of the previous version and upload new ones when the weather turns bad. So, come back in October and I should have a few new treats for you.

GEnevieve, the fix

Welp, The Heroin(e) is now titled Genevieve, The Fix. I love this story. It just came back squeaky clean from my editor and is ready for publishing. I’m starting to write query letters this weekend, hoping to snag a great literary agent without getting crushed into a fine powder from rejection. Just kidding. I spit on rejection! Haha.

I’m currently finalizing a short synopsis of GTF that will go in the letter. Right now it goes like this …

“People blame greedy companies for our addiction to the internet, but that’s a lie. The internet’s AI’s to blame. As soon as it was uploaded and got its first taste of humans, the AI was forever distracted from its mission. Yep, the AI’s a junkie for us, making junkies of us.

Genevieve was “just regular” before the embarrassing video went viral and wrecked everything. She’s been living in a dark hole ever since. That’s where the AI got its first snort of her. The next day she was offered a fake job. They said she’d be, “testing a new game for girls,” but it was really just a scam to get her to give the AI it’s next fix. Yep, Genevieve, the fix. Over time the AI’s obsession with Genevieve makes her the most powerful and possibly the most morally conflicted person on earth. She knows the AI’s bad news, and she’s convinced that God wants her to kill it, but she’s no killer. Maybe she can fix it instead.”

Anyhow, I’m sure it will change twenty more times before I paste it into the first letter.

So, thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoy the pieces you share on the journey to finding a Literary Agent and a Publisher. I can’t wait to hear what you think.

Affectionately, Mack Lines

Author Mack Line reading part one of the Legend of Curb Ball (poorly) Enjoy!